No Time to breathe. No Time to think. No Time for hope.

No Time Naturals is here to help !

Cancer struck my family at an early age. It was cruel and merciless and left my family feeling helpless and exhausted. I vowed to research ways to keep the rest of my family safe from the ravages of disease. Skip forward to marriage and a new growing family with an adventurous spirit. We sailed our multihull 20 years throughout the Caribbean, before “western conviences” were available. As we traveled, research from the elders, witch doctors, bush doctors and healers from every country visited, became my personal quest. It was powerful to watch people use plant medicine, maintaining their health and dealing with crisis. More and more questions created an ever widening lens, and now it has come full circle.

I am now a healthy grandmother and elder that lives a wonderful life. We became land dwellers in Northern California where it is remote, ancient and giant redwoods tower above the mist with healing energy.

My Mission:

To provide a portal that examines all types of alternate health modalities for both human and animal.

To be a resource for Patients, Caregivers or those seeking healthcare professionals versed in Integrative or Alternative treatment plans.

To help the consumers navigate the endless list of products, scientific literature and physician resources.

 To provide educational classes directly to clients and loved ones or those struggling to take health into their own hands.

 I am an Alternative Health Coach, Certified Cannabis Therapy Consultant and a current supporting member of

The American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA).